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Life Is Beautiful Festival

The Life is Beautiful Festival happened this last weekend and was a complete success! It was unfortunate that I was unable to attend, but I will be attending events in the future to give first hand accounts

Perception Is Reality

In the hospitality industry, it is imperative to project a positive attitude at all times. The guest is at your establishment to forget about their worries and are not there to absorb yours. To veer from 100% 5 Star Service such as projecting a… Continue Reading “Perception Is Reality”

5 – 10 Rule

The 5 – 10 Rule. The 5 10 Rule is known far and wide in the hospitality industry. However, many employees fail to continuously practice this simple yet crucial customer service skill. When a guest arrives at the doors, there is an expectation of… Continue Reading “5 – 10 Rule”

Impact14 selfie

Impact14 occurred September 24th – September 26th at CityCenter in Las Vegas and was an extremely successful event.

Impact14 Video Highlights


INTRODUCTION Hello. ┬áMy name is Chaz Wellington and I look forward to creating this blog and sharing my knowledge and insight. I will start this blog off with one of my core beliefs. Stay on the…. M ake time to listen A lways be… Continue Reading “STAYING ON THE M. A. R. K.”