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Watch “How To Succeed In The Hospitality Business With Shannon McCallum” on YouTube


Vegas is open! See it here first!

Trust Is Not Negotiable

Originally posted on CorporateIntel:
I’ve been thinking a lot about trust. I’ve been thinking a lot about truth. I’m trying to wrap my head around what I thought for fiftysomething years were the basics: If we’re going to climb a mountain together, we have…

The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part III

Many states have began to reopen their non-essential businesses and there are numerous reports  that are giving information concerning the number of cases rising and/or falling per state.  This information is convoluted to say the least and one cannot determine the veracity and/or accuracy of… Continue Reading “The Entertainment Capital of Tomorrow. Part III”

52 Casinos reopen and counting!

As businesses in the US continue to reopen, especially casinos, there is delight, fear, and optimism.      

Cabin Fever Grips South Dakota Gamblers!

As we are eager to get to the new normal here in Nevada and the rest of the world, South Dakota gamblers couldn’t hold themselves back  according to CNBC.    

What Will Airlines Do To Get You Back?

Interesting read concerning what steps airlines will do to get you flying with them again!

2020 Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders release 2020 schedule as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal #vegasstrong #vegasstronger

Rear view mirror

Originally posted on Beyond Young:
When we first get into a car, one of the first things we do is look into the rear view mirror. When driving we have to in order to see what’s behind us. This is part of the safety…