Month: October 2014

Service Recovery

Service recovery is a critical part of the overall quality of customer service and of course the success of any company. There are multiple aspects one must consider when properly training staff. First is to what level the company will allow employees to address… Continue Reading “Service Recovery”

Customer Retention

When a business becomes lethargic in customer service skills, the entire company loses loyal customers and the bottom line suffers. Employees must be properly trained in customer service, interpersonal relations, and intercultural communications. It is imperative to remind them that the ‘house’ must be… Continue Reading “Customer Retention”

Life Is Beautiful Festival

The Life is Beautiful Festival happened this last weekend and was a complete success! It was unfortunate that I was unable to attend, but I will be attending events in the future to give first hand accounts

Perception Is Reality

In the hospitality industry, it is imperative to project a positive attitude at all times. The guest is at your establishment to forget about their worries and are not there to absorb yours. To veer from 100% 5 Star Service such as projecting a… Continue Reading “Perception Is Reality”

5 – 10 Rule

The 5 – 10 Rule. The 5 10 Rule is known far and wide in the hospitality industry. However, many employees fail to continuously practice this simple yet crucial customer service skill. When a guest arrives at the doors, there is an expectation of… Continue Reading “5 – 10 Rule”

Impact14 selfie

Impact14 occurred September 24th – September 26th at CityCenter in Las Vegas and was an extremely successful event.

Hospitality First

I am extremely excited to have created this blog! I will be posting very exciting material!

Impact14 Video Highlights

Customer Service 101

Due Diligence It is everyone’s responsibility to practice due diligence when proactively anticipating the needs of a guest. There are a few situations in which the guest is hampered by incorrect information. However, when the information is not actively seeked and a guest is… Continue Reading “Customer Service 101”


INTRODUCTION Hello.  My name is Chaz Wellington and I look forward to creating this blog and sharing my knowledge and insight. I will start this blog off with one of my core beliefs. Stay on the…. M ake time to listen A lways be… Continue Reading “STAYING ON THE M. A. R. K.”